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Music hi everyone today I'm gonna be talking with you about us a a bank and more specifically how you can order checks for USAA so a little bit of background on what a check is it's a physical piece of paper that's linked to your bank account you can use this to pay someone or a company and the way that it works is you write the check and then the person that you're paying deposits the cheque once they've done that the money will be taken out of your account and then deposited into theirs so now that we have kind of an understanding of what cheques are and how they're used I'm going to show you three ways that you can order cheques for you your us a a bank account before we get started you will need to have a copy of a voided check or something else that has your bank account number and routing number on it the first thing that you're gonna do is open your browser on your phone and type in the bank web address you can use Chrome Firefox Safari whatever browser you normally use will work perfectly fine I'm going to be using Safari in this video as you can see I'm already on the web site and you can see the web address at the top of the screen Mobile USA acom you can also use or you can also check out the description for the link to USA a so the first way that you can order checks is by logging into your USA a bank account online for this you're gonna click on the log on button which is at the top right hand corner of the screen click on that and then that's gonna bring you to this screen right here where you can enter your used your online ID and your password if you don't have an online ID and password you can click right down here where it says already a member and to register for your online access from there just follow the steps on this screen to complete the enrollment process once you're in you're going to want to click on banking options and then order checks online usually banks do charge a fee for checks and it's normally a set price but be sure to look for any banking promos that include free checks if you have a certain type of count the second way that you can order checks is going to be by calling the customer service number for us a a and ordering them over the phone you should be able to find this phone number on the back of your debit card and that will probably be the easiest place that you can find the phone number you can also check out the website for USAA and look for a contact us page but that can sometimes be a little bit tricky and not so straightforward so if you happen to know another way to find the customer service phone number please be sure to let me know in the comments I do want to let you know that sometimes there will be an additional fee to use this service to order your checks and that's something that the customer service representative will be able to lay out for you when you talk to them the third and final way that you can order checks is...